Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bobbi Brown Favourites 

So, for the last few months I've been a very absent blogger! I have to say I've missed it a lot. Also, a lot has changed! But I'm excited to get back to blogging.

Not so long ago I had a birthday and decided to treat myself to some beauty products that may have been out of my budget prior to this (it's ridiculous how much I spent in the end, I won't lie). As I was in London visiting my boyfriend I wanted to take a day for myself to go around looking for the perfect products. After going into various shops such as MAC, I've only ever bought MAC from duty free where it's been quiet, the shop was far too full and frankly confusing. So just around the corner, in Convert Garden was Bobbi Browns new store, it's only actually been open a month or so is where my quest took me!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tried & Tested
home made skin scrub.

I've never really been one for do it yourself kind of beauty products, although I am constantly pinning ideas all over Pinterest; this was the first one I tried out. It promised to give silky smooth legs for literally no price at all so I thought why not try it!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pure Colour Envy

Exams are finally over! Until next year that what is the most appropriate way to celebrate this? Spending lots of money on things I can't afford but 'need', obviously. This led to me purchasing Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess, the perfect summer scent! It's a beautiful perfume and would highly recommend it, maybe as a treat though as it costs £47, I had to justify this by saying how much it would benefit me before I spent this amount! Nonetheless, I bought it and don't regret it so far! With this item Estee Lauder gave me a sample of their new lipstick range, Pure Colour Envy. It came with four shades; Envious, Red Ego, Tumultuous Pink & Desirable. Considering it's just a sample I was highly impressed by the quality of the product, I love the texture and consistency as it's thick but doesn't feel too much, the colours are also gorgeous and vibrant! At £24 a go these are a pricey product, but maybe worth it for a special occasion, or you can justify it by saying how much you need this product in your life, it's an investment! 

This red is a lot like my 'go to' red lipstick I always wear, I love the sample but probably wouldn't buy it as you can get a similar colour for cheaper!
I'm not usually a fan of light pink lipsticks, but I love this one! It grew on me as I wore it and felt it would be perfect for Summer.
Tumultuous Pink
Again, I never wear colours as bold as this but I love this one! I feel I should probably be more experimental with my lip colours.
Red Ego
This is my favourite out of all the colours by far, the photo doesn't do it much justice. It's slightly darker and felt it suited my colouring the best, may become a future purchase!

I hope you enjoy my post and hopefully will be doing some holiday clothes hauls soon!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 19 May 2014

It's that time of year again...

I just wanted to say my lack of blog posts is due to all the revision I've been doing lately! Safe to say exams are taking their toll on me now but only a few days of it left thankfully! Anyway, I shall be back doing posts ASAP and I wish you the best if you have exams too. Here are a few tips for exam time!

1. Have breakfast - my favourite is scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
2. Get plenty of sleep - so cliche but helps so much.
3. Drink plenty of water - especially in this glorious heat wave we're having!
4. Don't stress too much! If the work is put in you will see the results and if not it's not the end of the world!

Good luck & 
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Who wore what?
Met Gala 2014

A few of my  favourite dresses from fashion's biggest night

Every year the Met Costume Institute Gala is held and celebrities flock to New York, to attend the prestigious event showing off their gorgeous gowns. The event always has a theme,  and this year was no different with the institute honouring British born designer Charles James, famous for his figure hugging designs.
At $25,000 a ticket everyone who's anyone turned up in their most flattering of fashions. Here are my favourties from the night.

Zooey Deschanel rocking the vintage look again in Tommy Hilfiger. I love the royal blue colour of the gown and think she looks gorgeous!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds both wear Gucci.
Blake looks pretty in pink and stunning as ever , whilst husband Ryan look oh so handsome!

Dita Von Teese wowing with her killer curves in Zac Posen.
One of my many icons!

Diane Kruger looking breathaking in blue. (or lilac? I can't decide!) I'm not sure of the designer but I know I love it!

Karolina Kurkova looks like old hollywood royalty in Marchesa. She looks a million dollars. She ought too seeing as though she's dripping in over $1 million worth of diamonds!

This may be my favourtie look of the night. Leading lady Lupita Nyong'o takes a whole new turn on the meaning 'retro chic' in Prada. I love the details, the shoes and the colour is just perfect! She also wore purple eye shadow which the tops off the outfit. She hasn't failed to impress me yet, slowly turning into my fave fashion icon!

Queen B draped in this gorgeous gown, looking sexy, sultry & stunning! Can she do no wrong at the minute?

Also killing it, Kendall Jenner in Topshop. The 18-year-old model definalty fitted the breif in this figure hugging gown. Her hair & make-up looks stunning too, natural & simple but beautiful.

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn also in Topshop. I love everything about this look, the cut, colour and shape! It works amazing with her skin tone and her hair looks stunning, she is a beauty!

I love this gown Noami Watts wore from Givenchy Haute Couture. This colours and textures are just beauiful and her sleek hair do means she's not over doing it and let's the dress do the talking.

 Just a few of the many incredible dresses last night. This is definatley an event I would love to attend, better get saving that $25,000! I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know if you agree with my faves and let me know yours!

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

'A Sunday well spent brings a week of content'

Sunday's are slowly growing on me, if I'm not at work that is. I have younger sisters and Sunday's are perfect for spending time with them, just like this! 

Firstly, Isabella and myself made breakfast, recipe from The Londoner blog, I recommend you check it out!

We then decided to go with our Mum & my other sister Grace to the park and take our dog Jasper for a walk!

Primark coat | Topshop boots | New Look skirt | H&M top

Then finished off with ice-cream & coffee, I had a Latte (as usual) and Peach flavoured ice-cream, which were delicious!

Definitely a Sunday well spent for me! I hope your all enjoying this Bank Holiday weekend as much I am!
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Thursday, 1 May 2014

You are how you eat
A different view on dieting and health 
In a recent copy of Grazia there was a very interesting article on diet and health. Usually when I come across things like things there full of empty promises or in all honesty things I simply can't be bothered to do! But this article really caught my eye and interested me as it wasn't about what we eat but more how we eat it. The title of the article reads 'Are you a mindless eater'? And by the end of it all I could think was, "Holy cow, yes I am." I literally felt like I'd had an epiphany (which is actually a word that comes from the ancient Greek for 'striking appearance'!) The main point the piece was making is many people, like myself eat while there bored or eat too quick whilst doing something else such as watching TV (damn you Netflix). Also known as 'unconsciously eating' this can lead to overeating as we don't realise when we're actually full or don't think about what we're actually putting into our bodies and what it's doing (or not doing) for us. 

It suggested that in order to eat mindfully we must
 1. Eat foods which are high in alkaline which can really improve health such as; oily fish, fruit, veg & green tea.
2. Sit down at a table and enjoy our food, have as many sit down meals as we can and also to prepare our food and experiment with flavours, spices etc 
3. Slowly chew our food, savour it, taste it, enjoy it. It also says to put our cutlery down in between mouthfuls this lets your body recognise when it's full and can help stop over eating, which I am guilty of!

As many people I am unhappy with my body as it is right now and I feel I can be open about that fact as I am trying to make a difference in a healthy way and would love to share it with you. I loved this article as it was simply just a changing of the frame of mind we have towards food that could help us to be healthier such as preparing healthy, tasty meals rather than buying shop bought 'low fat' foods. 
I hope this will help you if you’re in the same position as me and would love to hear about your methods and journeys into a healthier lifestyle!
Thanks for reading!
NB:I would just like to point out that I am in no way a professional or expert nutritionist and I am simply basing these facts and opinions from Grazia magazine and my own experiences.  

Monday, 28 April 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Range Review 

Shampoo £1.94 | Conditioner £1.94 | Oil £6.66

I'm going to say the thing that you're not really supposed to say, but everyone really should. That's to state my favourite part of myself, (physically) which is my hair. There I said it, I actually rather like my hair! On it's good days anyway. So I love to find things that do wonders for it. I used to work in a hairdressers so used to have a range of 'upmarket' hair care products at my fingertips for a discounted price and even free sometimes. So you can imagine my horror when I actually discovered how much all this stuff would actually cost me! This found me taking to boots and such places to discover hair care miracles at affordable prices! Which leads me to purchasing Garnier's new product from their Ultimate Blends range. There are six choices in the range and all offer a tailored service for each hair problem or type; from split ends to coloured hair. The range boasts using blends of Moroccan Argan Oil and Japanese Camelia Oil, which are "reputed for its shine-restoring properties." I opted for The Marvellous Transformer, I wanted to try either The Shine Revitaliser or The Silky Smoother but I couldn't find either in store! Copy the link here to see the full range:
 The Marvellous Transformer is for dull, dry hair which suited my needs more than the others there. I bought the Shampoo, Conditioner and also the hair oil. 

The results from the shampoo were, as they say on the bottle, marvellous! I shampooed twice then conditioned, and have used the oil both before and after blow-drying, but I found the results were best doing it before as my hair dried lovely, felt silky, looked shiny and smelt amazing! The three products cost me £10.54 in total with the oil being the most expensive. I feel for the results, the price is defiantly worth it! I would recommend these products and encourage you to buy the one that will benefit your hair needs to get the most out of them! I hope you find my review useful! 
Also, if you have any questions about the range or hair in general or any requests for anything you'd like to see on The Chic Greek, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Varnish Review

I just wanted to start by saying I haven't posted in around two weeks, I've been annoyingly busy and have missed doing my blog posts. I am very happy to be back doing one though and relieved I have so much more spare time! Today I will be writing a review on Revlon's new nail product; Parfumerie. A scented polish that comes in 20 stunning shades! Each having a distinctive scent to compliment the colour. They have three scent groups within the range, Sweet & Spicy which consists of spicy, woody deep tones, the colours are browns, golds and deep purples. Fresh, which are clean, crisps scents, these compliment a lot of blues and greens, and finally Fruit & Floral which speaks for itself I think scent wise and has a pretty range of colours from deep green to pinks to accompany the scents. I have bought four from the collection and I really love all of them! Colour and scent wise. A lot of people were unsure about having scented nail polish, who really wants there finger nails to smell? Is it really that important? But when you get a smell of these polishes you'll just be thinking, yes it is vital! The quality of the product is very high with very stylish, clean packaging, I especially love the lid! So they will look great on display on a dressing table. Also, the colours are gorgeous! Very rich colour and my favourite, Watermint is a beautiful sea foam shimmery green colour with blue glitter mixed in, it's so beautiful! I probably look slightly biased towards Revlon on my blog as this is the second review I have done on their new products but it's growing to be one of my favourite drugstore brands, high quality products at a good price! And I'm always taking advantage of Boots' three for two offer! Below are the shades I have bought and the kind of scents they have. If you do smell these in store they won't do it justice though, the full effect comes in to place when the polish drys! 

This is defiantly my favourite scent of all four! A vibrant summery pink along
with a fruity twist! Perfect for summer.

The perfect shade of red. Simple yet gorgeous. This has a very grown up
fruity scent too it, fabulous!

This is such a stunning colour, so sparkly and pretty! This scent is a very strong
minty one, not my favourite but the colour makes up for it.
Blue is defiantly one of favourite colours and I love this one!
Very vibrant and the scent reminds of being on holiday
or by the beach so this is a winner for me. Can't wait to wear this is in the sun! 

Thanks for reading & I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Topshop Sale Favourites 

Nothing makes me happier than a sale, well that's a lie, a few things do but sales are right near the top of my list. I'm an avid bargin hunter and love to search through the rails to find a gem! Topshop has just started it's mid season sale to make way for new summer clothes (which is just as exciting) but I see nothing wrong with adding some 'out-dated' pieces to my wardrobe for half the original price, so here are my favourite items from the sale this month. However, if I bought them all and spent this amount I would hardly call it bargin hunting! So I'll probably only get two items, or three, if I'm feeling generous. Also, as you can probably tell from this post I'm into patterns and pretty shoes at the minute, I've been looking at a lot of photo's of Olivia Palermo recently and love her style!
P.s I hope you like my new blog logo, designed and created my Drew Morgan I absolutely love it! Follow him on Twitter @drwmrgn & Instagram @drewmorgandesign to see more of his amazing work!
















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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wish List
Spring/Summer 2014
As the weather is supposedly getting better (I can't say I've seen much of this) the spring/summer collections start to bloom in the high street, and I am loving it. Summer is my favourite time of year, without a doubt and I love the clothes and accessories that come along with it too. At the moment I love colour, reds, blues, greens, anything that’s vibrant but I have to say my wardrobe at the minute is fairly drab when it comes to colour, the blacks and navy’s of winter have yet to fly the nest, but it will hopefully look like some kind of Technicolor dream wardrobe in a few weeks. This is just a short post of all the items I am looking at buying with the next few pay days..I should probably apologise to my bank account in advance.

Zara | £19.99

Zara | £19.99

Warehouse | £26.00

River Island | £30.00

River Island | £50.00
Asos | £85.00
Looking to buy this for a wedding I'm going to along with the shoes below 
Asos | £45.00
Asos | £25.00

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