Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wish List
Spring/Summer 2014
As the weather is supposedly getting better (I can't say I've seen much of this) the spring/summer collections start to bloom in the high street, and I am loving it. Summer is my favourite time of year, without a doubt and I love the clothes and accessories that come along with it too. At the moment I love colour, reds, blues, greens, anything that’s vibrant but I have to say my wardrobe at the minute is fairly drab when it comes to colour, the blacks and navy’s of winter have yet to fly the nest, but it will hopefully look like some kind of Technicolor dream wardrobe in a few weeks. This is just a short post of all the items I am looking at buying with the next few pay days..I should probably apologise to my bank account in advance.

Zara | £19.99

Zara | £19.99

Warehouse | £26.00

River Island | £30.00

River Island | £50.00
Asos | £85.00
Looking to buy this for a wedding I'm going to along with the shoes below 
Asos | £45.00
Asos | £25.00

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Chic Greek goes to.. Morocco 

Travelling has been is one of my favourite things to do, experiencing a new culture, meeting new people and learning different things is something that really excites me. Just recently me and my best friend made a fairly last minute decision to go to Morocco, just because we were bored. Which sounds like we just got on a plane there and then but unfortunately that wasn't an option! We did plan and book it pretty much in one night though, it was a very spontaneous trip to say the least. My friend is half Moroccan so luckily for us we were able to stay with her family, which I loved as they were so welcoming and gave me the chance to experience real Moroccan culture. I stayed in Agadir which is along the coast and has amazing beaches, perfect for any avid surfers out there! We also travelled to Marakech for one night which was such an experience. The Souk's are something I would definitely recommend visiting if you ever get the chance too! The stalls sell everything from food to furniture and you can get items that are both beautiful and bizarre. I also got my henna tattoo done here, I love the way they do them and the girl made it up as she went along, she was so talented and they were beautiful designs! 

My henna tattoo
The one in Marrakech had performers outside and open restaurants serving food with animals heads in the middle of tent! It was defiantly an experience. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos of some of the amazing stalls on the Souk!  I also love to try all the different food when I'm away and Morocco didn't disappoint there! It's safe to say I tried an array of foods literally all day everyday, in terms of food it wasn't a detox holiday at all. I ate from a tagine everyday which is the traditional way of cooking in Morocco, the lamb that was cooked in it tasted so good! Also we had pancakes for breakfast everyday, it doesn't get better then that for me. Morocco is a beautiful country rich with culture, history and life. I met some amazing people on my trip and would say to anyone with a sense of adventure to go one day, you will not regret it!  

Not the best photo, but me with a monkey in Marrakech!

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Going for gold
Inspiration and ideas for using gold as an accent colour.

This can be found at
An amazing website that offer beautiful prints, they're an American company but do ship internationally.

If someone had asked me a few years ago what I thought about using gold in my bedroom, I would've thought it was a terrible idea, you could say I lacked imagination back then. But now after finding inspiration and I can now appreciate using a wider range of colours to create different effects in decor, I love the idea and am very keen to use it in my bedroom.
An accent colour is essentially a colour used in small quantities to lift or give something extra to a colour scheme. For example, black and white then using red too in accessories such as cushions or lamps. As my room is completely white at the moment I am looking to use a range of colours in a few shades, I like the idea of blue in different shades maybe? but also to add hints of gold in places too. I think gold and white looks effortlessly chic and adds a light reflecting effect as it is metallic but not cold like silver might be as it is a warm colour and I think this adds a more homely feel.
I think gold also looks amazing in party decorations, such as Christmas or New Years, also I love the idea of having an art deco/20's themed party and using lots of gold in the decoration for it.
Here are some photos for that gave me inspiration. 
I love this print and I'm looking to buy myself this for my room!
This is a link to the print if anyone is interested.

I would love to have a workspace like this and think gold and pink looks so good together, I have a Kate Spade notebook with these colours and it's so gorgeous! This has a fun look to it as well as chic.

Just an idea for prints to use on plain walls that incorporate the gold theme.
I think this is a good way of using gold in a subtle way that gives the room a feminine, chic edge.
Again here the use of gold is fairly subtle but still effective and shows it can be
 used in other rooms other then the bedroom. 

I hope this has given you inspiration for using gold more in your decorating!
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Monday, 10 March 2014

Gift ideas on a budget 

I have to admit I love birthdays, whether it's my own or someone else's and I don't even get mine to myself! (I actually have the same birthday as both my mum and dad, believe it or not!) but they're a good excuse to have a good time and have that extra glass of wine, or two. Lately I've had a few people's birthdays I've had to buy for, but with not having much money to spare I've had to buy all my gifts within a certain price range, this has forced me to be more creative with my ideas though, which has made my money go further and I thought I would share my ideas with you!

Firstly, it was one of my best friends 18th and I have known her for years and years now! I wasn't sure what to get her but I wanted it to be something special. So, I bought a pretty floral photo album which holds around 200 photos and filled it with photo's going from when we were younger up to more recent years. Some were more flattering then others for us all let's just say! I also wrote a message in the front of the album and left some space in the back for her to add more photos. I thought this was a really simple but good idea and something I'd love to receive myself and could be done for Mother's Day or any kind of occasion and is a lovely keepsake for people too. 

My sister's birthday is also this month and she is turning ten so this is an idea for younger girls. I have got a pink basket and filled it with all her favorite things from over the years. Sweets, a lot of One Direction merchandise, glitter pens then some bath bombs and body sprays but were all fairly cheap but make a good gift. The basket is also decorated really lovely with flowers and glitter!
I also like this idea maybe using an old shoe box and wrapped it with really nice wrapping paper and filling it with different things, this could also be given to older girls too! Fill it with photos in nice frames, make-up etc? 

Just a few ideas that are a bit different and don't cost that much to make!
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

            Revlon ColourBurst Review       

 Three of my favourite shades from the brand's new collection.

I've noticed a trend lately for these types of lipsticks with Bourjois Paris and Clinique both having similar products on the market, but after weeks of pondering and swatching I finally decided to go for the Revlon ColourBurst. They have a new collection of lipsticks that come in both matte and lacquer finish. I opted for the matte as I prefer the chalky effect of them and loved the colours from the matte range. I chose three that I felt best suited my skin tone and all over colouring, I loved every gorgeous shade they had on offer but my bank balance would only allow me to buy two (I got one free on boots 3 for 2 offer!) Compared to other brands I loved how these looked; bright, pretty and had fabulous staying power! The colours I bought were Audacious, Complex and Striking. I found other brands were a lot lighter then these and I like my lipstick to be pretty bold and thick, but not cakey. These delivered all round for me, so with a price tag of £7.99 were well worth it! The range of shades are beautiful and would suit a wide range of tones and colourings. I think the lacquer range (which is a shinier finish) would be best for night and evening I feel as it has that glossy look, but I felt the matte were best suited for my needs, whilst only having bought three shades I will no doubt be going back for more! This is the second Revlon product I've ever tried, and so far they haven't failed to deliver.

A bold and beautiful orange that would be perfect for spring/summer. I'm thinking of simple, bronzed make-up, a crisp white top and jeans? Simple but gorgeous! I'm also going to wedding in May and think this would look good with a white floral dress I have seen. (Although the photo doesn't do the colour justice)


If you've ever wanted to find a red lipstick that would be perfect for day wear, this is your answer! I love that it's bold yet the matte tones it down so it's wearable in the day as well as night.  It's a fun colour that can be paired with most looks and outfits so I think it's the perfect colour to be creative and have fun with!

I'm a sucker for a pretty nude lip and natural make-up looks, so I just had to buy this! Not as daring as the other two but equally as pretty. Would look gorgeous with a range of make up looks, I'm thinking of trying a smokey brown eye to pair with it too make it wearable for night too as it's so pretty! 

There are nine other shades in the matte range and ten in the lacquer. I would definatley consider buying these if your looking for a new lip product as it has such wide range of gorgeous colours and lovely finishes. I'm thinking of buying Elusive or Shameless next? If my balance can handle it that is!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review.


Monday, 3 March 2014

It really does work!

Three skin care products that worked for me

I dread to sit and think about the money I have spent overtime on skincare products that haven't done anything for me, or made my skin worse. So when I find a product that does the job I can't help but give it tons of praise! These three are the ones that I've found to have worked best with my skin and that I've actually seen fairly fast, noticeable results with and don't cost the earth, what more could you want?
I have fairly oily skin that is prone to the odd break out from time to time if neglected or when I use heavy foundation. Or if I commit the crime of going to sleep with my make up on after one too many (surely I'm not the only one?!) But all these can irritate my skin and force me into a complete skin detox.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser | Benefit Boo Boo Zap! | Clearsil Skin Perfecting Wash

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser | £19.00 125ml
For Combination or Oily Skin

This product I bought when my skin was at it's worse, for some reason I had really bad break out on both cheeks (which is where I usually get any blemishes). I got it in duty free on my way back from my recent trip to Morocco and I pleased to say I have never looked back! The texture is a rich cream with tiny mirco-pearls that left my skin feeling smooth and soft without drying it out. The rich formula goes a long way too, I use a pea sized amount every morning and night and still have well over half of the product left. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin! It is now much clearer and feels amazing, this is the best product I would say I have used in a long time, the results were amazing, I highly recommend it!

P.s The product says to use cold water in a morning and warm water at night, so this could be a good thing to do with your own face wash or cleanser?

Benefit Boo Boo Zap! |  £13.50 7.4ml

This is defiantly a product worth investing in, for such a small bottle it really does last a long time and I would say for the results, the price tag is well worth it. The product drys out blemishes over a matter of hours and should be applied every 2/3 hours, even over make-up and it doesn't affect it either, but works just as well. I would say it's worth a buy as it's handy for any surprise breakouts you many encounter and I would say it was effective with any skin type, again highly recommended. 

Clearsil Skin Perfecting Wash | £4.49 150ml

This product is actually really similar to the first one. One obvious difference being the price tag! It has very similar texture, creamy cleanser with tiny beads that gently exfoliate the skin which I find, if used day and night, works just as well as it's pricier competitor. I've used this product for a long time and will use it again daily when my skin is back on track as I think it's an amazing everyday face wash that keeps my skin looking really good, clear and fresh  but without the huge price to pay! 

I hope you find my reviews useful and I hope to do another soon about products I've found that have really worked for me! Let me know if you've tried any and what you think, or if you have any recommendations!
Thanks for reading.