Friday, 20 June 2014

It's Friday I'm in love with...
Clean & Clear's morning energy daily facial scrub

My skin constantly goes through what I will refer to as phases. One weeks it's lovely to me, blemish free oily but not greasy (I don't mind a bit of oil, I hate dry skin!) and looks fresh. Then the next thing I know I have every blemish and imperfection imaginable and look like an extra on The Walking Dead; not pretty. So to help me through this phase I turn to the world of skin care. The amount of products on the shelves in stores can actually be confusing, hundreds all promising the same thing and do you need to spend a small fortune on soap that might not actually work? Admittedly some do, but I'd rather take a gamble on a £3.49 product then £30. This brings me to my little find from this past week, Clean & Clear's morning energy daily facial scrub, a gentle cleanser/exfoliator that smells amazing! These kind of products are my favourite as they combine two elements of the soft consistency of a cleanser but also have small beads that exfoliate the skin leaving it feels soft and clean. This product also has no oil but it doesn't dry my skin out either. I don't know if this is a result of my oily skin, but I was worried about this happening, I would probably say this is a product more suited for someone with oily skin simply for this 

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