Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wish List
Spring/Summer 2014
As the weather is supposedly getting better (I can't say I've seen much of this) the spring/summer collections start to bloom in the high street, and I am loving it. Summer is my favourite time of year, without a doubt and I love the clothes and accessories that come along with it too. At the moment I love colour, reds, blues, greens, anything that’s vibrant but I have to say my wardrobe at the minute is fairly drab when it comes to colour, the blacks and navy’s of winter have yet to fly the nest, but it will hopefully look like some kind of Technicolor dream wardrobe in a few weeks. This is just a short post of all the items I am looking at buying with the next few pay days..I should probably apologise to my bank account in advance.

Zara | £19.99

Zara | £19.99

Warehouse | £26.00

River Island | £30.00

River Island | £50.00
Asos | £85.00
Looking to buy this for a wedding I'm going to along with the shoes below 
Asos | £45.00
Asos | £25.00

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