Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pure Colour Envy

Exams are finally over! Until next year that is..so what is the most appropriate way to celebrate this? Spending lots of money on things I can't afford but 'need', obviously. This led to me purchasing Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess, the perfect summer scent! It's a beautiful perfume and would highly recommend it, maybe as a treat though as it costs £47, I had to justify this by saying how much it would benefit me before I spent this amount! Nonetheless, I bought it and don't regret it so far! With this item Estee Lauder gave me a sample of their new lipstick range, Pure Colour Envy. It came with four shades; Envious, Red Ego, Tumultuous Pink & Desirable. Considering it's just a sample I was highly impressed by the quality of the product, I love the texture and consistency as it's thick but doesn't feel too much, the colours are also gorgeous and vibrant! At £24 a go these are a pricey product, but maybe worth it for a special occasion, or you can justify it by saying how much you need this product in your life, it's an investment! 

This red is a lot like my 'go to' red lipstick I always wear, I love the sample but probably wouldn't buy it as you can get a similar colour for cheaper!
I'm not usually a fan of light pink lipsticks, but I love this one! It grew on me as I wore it and felt it would be perfect for Summer.
Tumultuous Pink
Again, I never wear colours as bold as this but I love this one! I feel I should probably be more experimental with my lip colours.
Red Ego
This is my favourite out of all the colours by far, the photo doesn't do it much justice. It's slightly darker and felt it suited my colouring the best, may become a future purchase!

I hope you enjoy my post and hopefully will be doing some holiday clothes hauls soon!

Thanks for reading!

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