Friday, 18 April 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Varnish Review

I just wanted to start by saying I haven't posted in around two weeks, I've been annoyingly busy and have missed doing my blog posts. I am very happy to be back doing one though and relieved I have so much more spare time! Today I will be writing a review on Revlon's new nail product; Parfumerie. A scented polish that comes in 20 stunning shades! Each having a distinctive scent to compliment the colour. They have three scent groups within the range, Sweet & Spicy which consists of spicy, woody deep tones, the colours are browns, golds and deep purples. Fresh, which are clean, crisps scents, these compliment a lot of blues and greens, and finally Fruit & Floral which speaks for itself I think scent wise and has a pretty range of colours from deep green to pinks to accompany the scents. I have bought four from the collection and I really love all of them! Colour and scent wise. A lot of people were unsure about having scented nail polish, who really wants there finger nails to smell? Is it really that important? But when you get a smell of these polishes you'll just be thinking, yes it is vital! The quality of the product is very high with very stylish, clean packaging, I especially love the lid! So they will look great on display on a dressing table. Also, the colours are gorgeous! Very rich colour and my favourite, Watermint is a beautiful sea foam shimmery green colour with blue glitter mixed in, it's so beautiful! I probably look slightly biased towards Revlon on my blog as this is the second review I have done on their new products but it's growing to be one of my favourite drugstore brands, high quality products at a good price! And I'm always taking advantage of Boots' three for two offer! Below are the shades I have bought and the kind of scents they have. If you do smell these in store they won't do it justice though, the full effect comes in to place when the polish drys! 

This is defiantly my favourite scent of all four! A vibrant summery pink along
with a fruity twist! Perfect for summer.

The perfect shade of red. Simple yet gorgeous. This has a very grown up
fruity scent too it, fabulous!

This is such a stunning colour, so sparkly and pretty! This scent is a very strong
minty one, not my favourite but the colour makes up for it.
Blue is defiantly one of favourite colours and I love this one!
Very vibrant and the scent reminds of being on holiday
or by the beach so this is a winner for me. Can't wait to wear this is in the sun! 

Thanks for reading & I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend!

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