Thursday, 6 March 2014

            Revlon ColourBurst Review       

 Three of my favourite shades from the brand's new collection.

I've noticed a trend lately for these types of lipsticks with Bourjois Paris and Clinique both having similar products on the market, but after weeks of pondering and swatching I finally decided to go for the Revlon ColourBurst. They have a new collection of lipsticks that come in both matte and lacquer finish. I opted for the matte as I prefer the chalky effect of them and loved the colours from the matte range. I chose three that I felt best suited my skin tone and all over colouring, I loved every gorgeous shade they had on offer but my bank balance would only allow me to buy two (I got one free on boots 3 for 2 offer!) Compared to other brands I loved how these looked; bright, pretty and had fabulous staying power! The colours I bought were Audacious, Complex and Striking. I found other brands were a lot lighter then these and I like my lipstick to be pretty bold and thick, but not cakey. These delivered all round for me, so with a price tag of £7.99 were well worth it! The range of shades are beautiful and would suit a wide range of tones and colourings. I think the lacquer range (which is a shinier finish) would be best for night and evening I feel as it has that glossy look, but I felt the matte were best suited for my needs, whilst only having bought three shades I will no doubt be going back for more! This is the second Revlon product I've ever tried, and so far they haven't failed to deliver.

A bold and beautiful orange that would be perfect for spring/summer. I'm thinking of simple, bronzed make-up, a crisp white top and jeans? Simple but gorgeous! I'm also going to wedding in May and think this would look good with a white floral dress I have seen. (Although the photo doesn't do the colour justice)


If you've ever wanted to find a red lipstick that would be perfect for day wear, this is your answer! I love that it's bold yet the matte tones it down so it's wearable in the day as well as night.  It's a fun colour that can be paired with most looks and outfits so I think it's the perfect colour to be creative and have fun with!

I'm a sucker for a pretty nude lip and natural make-up looks, so I just had to buy this! Not as daring as the other two but equally as pretty. Would look gorgeous with a range of make up looks, I'm thinking of trying a smokey brown eye to pair with it too make it wearable for night too as it's so pretty! 

There are nine other shades in the matte range and ten in the lacquer. I would definatley consider buying these if your looking for a new lip product as it has such wide range of gorgeous colours and lovely finishes. I'm thinking of buying Elusive or Shameless next? If my balance can handle it that is!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review.



  1. Audacious looks really good on you :) x

  2. ah I need to buy some of these, striking looks gorgeous!

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    1. Yeah Striking is such a lovely colour and texture! I would defiantly recommend it! X

  3. Great review! The colour is fantastic!!

    x Maria
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