Monday, 10 March 2014

Gift ideas on a budget 

I have to admit I love birthdays, whether it's my own or someone else's and I don't even get mine to myself! (I actually have the same birthday as both my mum and dad, believe it or not!) but they're a good excuse to have a good time and have that extra glass of wine, or two. Lately I've had a few people's birthdays I've had to buy for, but with not having much money to spare I've had to buy all my gifts within a certain price range, this has forced me to be more creative with my ideas though, which has made my money go further and I thought I would share my ideas with you!

Firstly, it was one of my best friends 18th and I have known her for years and years now! I wasn't sure what to get her but I wanted it to be something special. So, I bought a pretty floral photo album which holds around 200 photos and filled it with photo's going from when we were younger up to more recent years. Some were more flattering then others for us all let's just say! I also wrote a message in the front of the album and left some space in the back for her to add more photos. I thought this was a really simple but good idea and something I'd love to receive myself and could be done for Mother's Day or any kind of occasion and is a lovely keepsake for people too. 

My sister's birthday is also this month and she is turning ten so this is an idea for younger girls. I have got a pink basket and filled it with all her favorite things from over the years. Sweets, a lot of One Direction merchandise, glitter pens then some bath bombs and body sprays but were all fairly cheap but make a good gift. The basket is also decorated really lovely with flowers and glitter!
I also like this idea maybe using an old shoe box and wrapped it with really nice wrapping paper and filling it with different things, this could also be given to older girls too! Fill it with photos in nice frames, make-up etc? 

Just a few ideas that are a bit different and don't cost that much to make!
Thanks for reading! 


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