Thursday, 13 March 2014

Going for gold
Inspiration and ideas for using gold as an accent colour.

This can be found at
An amazing website that offer beautiful prints, they're an American company but do ship internationally.

If someone had asked me a few years ago what I thought about using gold in my bedroom, I would've thought it was a terrible idea, you could say I lacked imagination back then. But now after finding inspiration and I can now appreciate using a wider range of colours to create different effects in decor, I love the idea and am very keen to use it in my bedroom.
An accent colour is essentially a colour used in small quantities to lift or give something extra to a colour scheme. For example, black and white then using red too in accessories such as cushions or lamps. As my room is completely white at the moment I am looking to use a range of colours in a few shades, I like the idea of blue in different shades maybe? but also to add hints of gold in places too. I think gold and white looks effortlessly chic and adds a light reflecting effect as it is metallic but not cold like silver might be as it is a warm colour and I think this adds a more homely feel.
I think gold also looks amazing in party decorations, such as Christmas or New Years, also I love the idea of having an art deco/20's themed party and using lots of gold in the decoration for it.
Here are some photos for that gave me inspiration. 
I love this print and I'm looking to buy myself this for my room!
This is a link to the print if anyone is interested.

I would love to have a workspace like this and think gold and pink looks so good together, I have a Kate Spade notebook with these colours and it's so gorgeous! This has a fun look to it as well as chic.

Just an idea for prints to use on plain walls that incorporate the gold theme.
I think this is a good way of using gold in a subtle way that gives the room a feminine, chic edge.
Again here the use of gold is fairly subtle but still effective and shows it can be
 used in other rooms other then the bedroom. 

I hope this has given you inspiration for using gold more in your decorating!
Thanks for reading.


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