Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Chic Greek goes to.. Morocco 

Travelling has been is one of my favourite things to do, experiencing a new culture, meeting new people and learning different things is something that really excites me. Just recently me and my best friend made a fairly last minute decision to go to Morocco, just because we were bored. Which sounds like we just got on a plane there and then but unfortunately that wasn't an option! We did plan and book it pretty much in one night though, it was a very spontaneous trip to say the least. My friend is half Moroccan so luckily for us we were able to stay with her family, which I loved as they were so welcoming and gave me the chance to experience real Moroccan culture. I stayed in Agadir which is along the coast and has amazing beaches, perfect for any avid surfers out there! We also travelled to Marakech for one night which was such an experience. The Souk's are something I would definitely recommend visiting if you ever get the chance too! The stalls sell everything from food to furniture and you can get items that are both beautiful and bizarre. I also got my henna tattoo done here, I love the way they do them and the girl made it up as she went along, she was so talented and they were beautiful designs! 

My henna tattoo
The one in Marrakech had performers outside and open restaurants serving food with animals heads in the middle of tent! It was defiantly an experience. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos of some of the amazing stalls on the Souk!  I also love to try all the different food when I'm away and Morocco didn't disappoint there! It's safe to say I tried an array of foods literally all day everyday, in terms of food it wasn't a detox holiday at all. I ate from a tagine everyday which is the traditional way of cooking in Morocco, the lamb that was cooked in it tasted so good! Also we had pancakes for breakfast everyday, it doesn't get better then that for me. Morocco is a beautiful country rich with culture, history and life. I met some amazing people on my trip and would say to anyone with a sense of adventure to go one day, you will not regret it!  

Not the best photo, but me with a monkey in Marrakech!

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