Friday, 28 February 2014

"I've been cheating on fashion with furniture"

-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City 

Just recently I have had a flair and passion for interior design and anything arty, so I thought what better time to redecorate my bedroom? Feeling inspired (and also financially able) I am enjoying re doing my whole room and would like to share the process and ideas with you. My room faces the back of my house so doesn't get much natural light so it was crucial for me that I didn't make the same mistakes I had previously. I had a white bedroom with black furniture and purple accents, nice in theory but in practice, not so much. The dark plum of the curtains and bedding gave the room a small, dark feel and the black furniture added to this. Having realized the problems I decided to come up with some gorgeous solutions! I have, so far, decided to keep the walls white but painted a fresh coat, I have bought a white, tall gloss effect chest of drawers and a matching double wardrobe with one mirrored door, this adds a lot of light and space into the room as it's not very big and is also good for any outfit planning I may do! I also have some plain white bedding, all of which is from B & Q. As of now the room is very white and feels big, light and fresh which makes a refreshing change, but I plan to add pops of colour wherever I can. Pinks, corals, blues, greens, anything that goes together! I have been inspired by artists such as Hayden Williams and love fashion illustration prints and also have a keen eye for graphic design prints so hopefully plan to find some colourful, arty pieces that would make lovely additions to the plain walls! I will keep up to date posts of all the pieces and accessories I buy for it, and hope to get some photos up very soon too. For now I have a photo of a candle tin I found that gave me inspiration for the colour scheme, I hope it gives a brief idea of what I am going for! (I apologize for the bad quality of the photo) Let me know if your redecorating too or if you have any suggestions for my own project. 




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